Company guide: how to activate an internship

The University of Trento considers the internship as an important tool for students and new-graduates to acquire new skills and become more aware of their professional choices.

Three parties are involved: the trainee (a student or a new-graduate within 12 months since the graduation date), a promoter (UniTrento), and a host company/institution.

The Training agreement and orientation project

In order to activate an internship, a Training Agreement and Orientation Project is needed in which are defined:
- rules, duties, responsibilities shared by the promoter and the host company
- the contents, lenght and aims of the internship.

Internship activation 

Before being able to fill in the  Training Agreement and Orientation Project, the company has to register in Esse3 Stage e Lavoro platform.
In order to access the platform, please register on it and accept the Terms of use.

Please remember that:

  • internship is not a job relationship;
  • the host company/institution must respect the regional/national law regarding internships;
  • the trainee needs a University supervisor's approval in order to activate an internship;
  • according to the Italian law, post-graduate internships can last up to 6 months and must be activated within 12 months from the graduation (and with valid stay permit throughout the period of internship). This can change in case of internship in other countries.

If you have an internship vacancy and want to make it visible to our students and new-graduates, please have a look at Esse3 Stage e Lavoro.

Internship activation (students)

Internship activation (new-graduates)


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