Employer branding

Companies can promote online themselves or internship & job offers.

If you want to meet students or new graduates on campus, visit the related page.


Ways of promoting online offers

Once companies have published their internship or job advertisements on Esse3 Stage e Lavoro, we can help them to be more visible by:

Please write to jobguidance@unitn.it to understand how to improve your internship/job advertisements.


Company’s online presentation

Registered companies can add a textual presentation, a video or links on the Esse3 Stage e Lavoro platform; thanks to this channel, they can make themselves known among UniTrento students and recent graduates.


Please find more information about the registration in the download box (in Italian).  




Job Guidance Office
Divisione Orientamento, Supporto allo Studio, Stage e Lavoro
Molino Vittoria - Via Verdi 6
38122 Trento (Italy)
phone: +39 0461 28 3200
e-mail: jobguidance@unitn.it