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Online CVs

In accordance with the law, UniTrento gives you free access to the CVs/resumes of its students and recent-graduates, who have accepted to be visible.

In particular, you will be able to:

  • Check students and recent graduates’ CVs anonymously and in a partial way so that you can get a general idea (with no need to register)
    Have a preview of CVs
  • Check and save CVs in an integral form (you need to sign up)
    Download CVs


Please note that:

  • It takes 3 business days to obtain the password and the username to access the CVs database
  • Each company can download up to 100 CVs a year. If you want to download other 100 CVs, please send us a feedback on the selection process (please download the Candidates Evaluation Form)

Please remember CVs can be used just for recruiting and in respect of the Italian personal data protection code.



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