Terms of use - Esse3 Stage e Lavoro


Esse 3 Stage e Lavoro is aimed to:

  • Make curricular and extra-curricular internship offers, that are destined to students and post-graduates from Ateneo of Trento visible, according  to  established the provincial, regional and national law.
  • Open internships through a data-storing platform, that involves a process of a validation by the interlocutors concerned in the process.
  • Make job offers for our graduates visible.


Art. 1. The Ateneo gives the Company the opportunity of enrolling freely on its platform, subject to inserting data identifying the Company itself. The registration involves the acceptation of this contract of use in each part.

Art. 2. Credentials provided by the Company operator, carrying out the registration, are personal and not transferable. The operator is responsible to the inappropriate use of the credentials and is invited to report any suspect of theft/cloning or other.

Art. 3. Through credentials the user accesses Esse3 Stage e Lavoro and can:

  • Publish only curricular and extra-curricular internship offers that are destined to students and post-graduates from the Ateneo;
  • Publish job offers that are destined to post-graduates from the Ateneo;
  • Insert a Company presentation, even in a multimedia format;
  • Ask for an internship agreement;
  • Ask for the activation of an internship for a student or a post-graduate, having finished his/her studies since no more than 12 months before internship beginning.

Art. 4. The user commits himself/herself to give a feedback for the results of the selection of each published advertisement.

Art. 5. Each advertisement can be published online, subject to UniTrento validation, until a maximum period of two months. The University will supervise the use of CV/resumes by contacting the students and new-graduates and is free to interrupt all services in case the this use would not be in accordance to . In case of an inappropriate use of the data and if they are not used to activate an internship or a job opportunity, the Ateneo will suspend the user’s access to the platform services.

Art. 6. The University might not authorize the publication of vacancies, which should be unfit or non-congruent with the University study courses or discriminatory. In this second case, the University is free to interrupt all services. 

Art. 7. The user furthermore will activate the internship supported by the Job Guidance Office and will respect the activating procedure of the Ateneo. This procedure and the national, regional and provincial internship rules are explained on the Office website.

Art. 8. Under nor circumstances will the user be allowed to utilize the Cv of the students and post-graduates, sent him/her in response to an advertisement published on Esse3 Stage e Lavoro, for aims different from those declared on the contract, such as advertising, promotion, notification, selling of courses, masters and formation activities in general.

Art. 9. In all those cases where the user shows a non correct behavior, UniTrento is entitled at its total discretion to prevent the user from accessing the services linked with registration.

Art. 10. These current general terms and conditions shall be accepted by the user by selecting the option “Acceptance of the contract” during the accreditation procedure.


Privacy statement: how the personal data of the companies enrolling at the Job Guidance Office will be dealt with 

You are hereby informed within the meaning of Article 13 of the Italian Personal Data Protection Code (D. Lgsl. N. 196/2013) that:

  • personal data are processed by the University only to deal with personal data for no other purposes than those related to the performance of the contract and, consequently, to the access to the services offered;
  • personal data processing is carried out through printed and electronic format;
  • in case of a refusal to fill in the mandatory field marked with *, it will be impossible to conclude the contract;
  • non-mandatory fields are not strictly necessary to the conclusion of the contracts. Though by filling them you will enable the Consortium to offer more effective services to contracting parties;
  • personal data will not be used or disclosed to third parties for purposes other than those related to the performance of the contract and to any legal requirements, in particular accounting and tax obligations;
  • personal data will not be diffused.

The Università degli Studi di Trento, legally located in via Calepina n. 14, Trento, Italy, is the subject responsible for the processing of personal data. For any further information and some explaination of the Article 7 of the Italian Personal Data Protection Code please contact Job Guidance Office. You can also learn how to obtain at any time information about the performance of personal data, such as confirming, updating and cancelling them. For this purpose, all those concerned you can contact the Job Guidance Office of the Ateneo at the address jobguidance@unitn.it .


Job Guidance Office
Divisione Orientamento, Supporto allo Studio, Stage e Lavoro
Molino Vittoria - Via Verdi 6
38122 Trento (Italy)
phone: +39 0461 28 3200
e-mail: jobguidance@unitn.it