Chart of Services


The Chart of Services is a document describing the various sectors and activities involved in the action of the Job Guidance Service of the University of Trento, formalising on one hand the duties of the University and the rights and the duties of the users.
It is a concrete example of the transparency principle which inspires the University in its daily actions and activities.


lts origins

The need to state the University engagements and responsibility towards the users is the natural consequence of a set of reforms of the labour market, in particular the Italian Legislative Decree no. 276/2003 (a.k.a. the "Biagi Law"), according to which universities belong to the institutions authorised, ope legis, to carry out intermediation activities.
The University of Trento, through its Job Guidance Service, is active on the labour market and it is directly involved in the working flow and effectiveness level of the Service.



The scope of the Job Guidance activities involves two main protagonists: businesses and students/graduates.
In this document, the term “students” includes all the students enrolled in an undergraduate degree, a course/master's degree course/five-year degree course, a master of science or a Doctoral Course of the University of Trento.
In this document, the term "graduates" includes all the people who have obtained a qualification by the University of Trento no later than 18 months ago.
In this document, the term "businesses" includes