How to start an internship abroad


Companies take into great consideration experiences abroad. This kind of experience is an evidence of your adaptation skills in different contexts, curiosity, autonomy, and the fluency in a foreign language.



In most cases, you have to find and contact the company by yourself. In this way, your motivation and self-managing skills will be tested.
You can find useful tips about how to write a CV and a cover letter on Moodle


Language skills

Ask the host institution for the level of language required. Usually, a B1-B2 level is required, better if it is proved by a language certification.


How to start an internship

The company supervisor, after a successful registration on the Esse3 Stage e Lavoro platform and after getting UniTrento credentials for the login, fills in the “Training Agreement and orientation project” after sharing with the trainee all details on tasks, tools, time period, location and other information about the internship (see the output in the download box).

More information for the company on how to start an internship and how to sign up to Esse3 Stage e Lavoro can be found in the company section

Once the contents are completed, the trainee accepts it on the Esse3 Stage e Lavoro platform. After that, the University Supervisor must approve it: he/she adds further details and sends it to by e-mail.
Note that the University Supervisor is chosen by the trainee.
For the Departments of Humanities, Industrial Engineering and Maths the project is approved by the internship delegate.
Once Job Guidance Office receives the completed project, the trainee can print the “Training Agreement and orientation project” on the Esse3 platform.

It is required at least 15 days to complete all the procedures to start the internship.

When the trainee starts the internship, he/she will deliver the Training Agreement and orientation project to the host company.
The host company must send a signed copy of the project to us within 10 days from the start of the internship.


What to do at the end of your internship (students)

What to do at the end of your internship (graduates)


Economic support

If your internship is part of your study plan and lasts at least 3 months, see Scholarships for internships abroad.
If you want to make research for your thesis abroad, see Opportunity for mobility for thesis research.


Insurance coverage

You will find the extracts of the accident insurance and the civil liability insurance in the download box. Please note that they work on reimbursement. It is your responsibility to check with the host company whether they fulfill the national requirements or if you need a private one.


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