The University of Trento offers to Bachelor's, Master Degree's and one-year professional Master's students a financial support for a 3-month-internship abroad. The host organization must be chosen by the candidate. The trainee must have the "student" status for the whole duration of the scholarship.


In order to be eligible:

  1. you must have the UniTrento "student" status (Bachelor, Master and professional Master's students) for the whole internship period
  2. you must have a minimum level B1 in the language of the internship 
  3. you must have the possibility to make an internship abroad (not thesis research) lasting at least 3 months. The internship has to be recognized in your career with credit ECTS recognition (no extra credits)
  4. you have to follow the requirements specified in the rules of your Department and Study Course
  5. you have to start your internship following the rules of the University of Trento

Depending on the destination, the grant payment will be the following:
-    a total of 900,00 € for traineeships in a European country
-    a total of 1.800,00 € for traineeships in a non-European country
The scholarship covers a maximum/minimum of the 3 months.
The grant payment will be in a unique amount within 2 months since the internship starting date, with a bank transfer to the IBAN specify by the student in the application. The grant will be paid only after Job Guidance Office has received by e-mail (

  • the Training Agreement and orientation project with all signatures
  • a declaration of internship beginning (UniTrento Supervisor and Company Supervisor in CC)

You have to apply before starting the internship ( the internship has to start within 2 months of the date of communication of eligibility.

Applicants must indicate the Destination Country, Host organization, Company Supervisor, University Supervisor and internship exact dates.
Please attach to the application a Letter of acceptance from the host organization (a letterhead where the host organization declares that is waiting for the student specifying ID student number, place of work, the period of internship - see box "Download").
Apply now

Only complete applications will be accepted.
Applications are evaluated at the end of each month. The list of grant-holders will be notified by e-mail directly to the eligible students by the first half of the following month.


Once you know you are eligible for the scholarship, the internship has to start within 2 months starting from the day of Job guidance e-mail notification.

Please follow the procedures Going abroad in order to start your internship.

•    you can apply only one time for a call (the present one will expire on 31.12.2017)
•    you can apply only one time during your Bachelor program/only one time during your Master program
•    within 2 months of internship conclusion, you have to register credit for the internship
•    the internship period cannot overlap with any other international mobility you have been admitted to. Double degree students can apply for the scholarship only if the town where the internship takes place is different from the town of the partner University. The internship must have been previously approved by UniTrento and partner University supervisors.
EMBS and EIT students who do not benefit from any other scholarship within the mobility program are eligible to apply and they can make the internship in the partner University town as well.
•   In the case of interrupting the stay or in the case of missed transcription of credits, the grant-holder will be asked to return the whole grant already received.

•   The beneficiaries of the Opera Universitaria scholarship can ask for an additional grant (max 500,00 euros for max 4 months) for the internship that takes place in a country different from the own nationality, as an alternative of other scholarships ("Bando Aperto" or Erasmus + Traineeship) or remuneration by the company. This additional grant will be given in a unique solution at the end of the internship period. When the internship will be concluded, the student will have to send to Opera Universitaria the closing documentation and the self-declaration (see box download). For further information, see the Opera Universitaria call or send an e-mail to


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