Start a student/graduate internship

An internship has to respect some rules in order to protect the trainee and the host company.

In order to start an internship in Italy, you have to check if:

  • the University of Trento has a valid Training Agreement with the host company/institution
  • the training and orientation project (that is to say the contents of your internship) has been previously approved by a University of Trento’s professor of your choice (University supervisor) and, if required, by the Department rules, by the Delegate for internships of your Study Course.

The University can support the start of students and recent-graduates’ (within 12 months from graduation) internships in Italy and abroad.

It takes at least 15 working days to complete all the procedures to start the internship: please contact us in advance.

Course on health and safety in the workplace: you can get the certificate on health and safety in the workplace attending the online course available in English (more information in the download box).